FMF – surprise

Happy fri-yay all!

I am trying to get my writing mojo back..
So I am going to dive right back in it with five minute Friday.

I missed last week because I literally kept over thinking things and couldn’t pin one thing down to write plausibly.

But I think I am coming back 😊 or at least I am not over thinking so much brain is still a child filled mush!

Let’s get stuck in shall we!

As you know I am joining in with Kate and her linkup of bloggers who free write for five minutes..with out changing, spell checking or worrying about grammar 😬 eek!

This weeks prompt is – surprise

Ready, set, go

I am not much for surprises.
I prefer to know what is happening or going to happen.
Because I am planner.

For someone that doesn’t like surprises, the realisation I was expecting my son was a big surprise.

My daughter Ariana was 6-7 months old when I started to feel unwell.

I felt incredibly hormonal, my boobs hurt and I was nauseous.
The real kicker came and I missed a period. Obvs.

I didn’t need to see my doctor, I knew.

I wasn’t prepared for another baby so soon.
I was in shock.
This was a surprise I hadn’t anticipated.


What was a bigger surprise was finding out we were having a boy.
I didn’t see it coming!
I realise it’s a 50/50 shot, but I still figured it would be a girl!


My little blue surprise arrived on a sunny June day.
He arrived in a hurry too.

I woke up feeling unwell, called the midwife and popped to see them.

After checking me over, she told me I was 4cm dilated.. sorry what?!
It was a good job I put my hospital in the car!

3hours later we welcomed – James Timothy Cornes into the world❀



He may have been a surprise, but he is such a happy one.
He is such a beautiful, happy boy.

He is always asking for ‘hugas’ (hugs) or ‘isses’ (kiss)

I am so grateful for him, he is such a gorgeous blessing.



Now he is my big 1 1/2 year old boy 😊

A beautiful, cuddly surprise
Such a joy.

Sometimes surprises aren’t so bad.




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