FMF – Haven

Well hello there!

My goodness it has been such a busy week!
The schools have been closed for the holiday, and it’s been my parents 25th wedding anniversary and mine and hubby’s 9 the wedding anniversary!


Not only that I got the pleasure of helping Bella to make a 3D model of our house!!
Yes you read that correctly…my 5 1/2 year old was asked to make a 3D model of our house!
I will admit it fun throwing ideas around, but come day 3 of colouring in I was being driven insane by cardboard and sharpie pens!
In fact if I never see another sharpie for a while I will be happy!

Literally worst homework ever! Give me spelling and reading any day..heck give me maths! ( *hint* I hate maths!)

And deep breath..rant over.

Alrighty, so I am back with another five minute friday
My favourite part of my week!
Even when I don’t get chance to write a post I love to pop over and read other people’s entries.
I really enjoy reading other people’s take on a word you know?!
It intrigues me 😊

Now I may be late with my writing this week – but I promise my excuse is valid 😉
We went away for the weekend with my family (18 of us altogether!) And we only got back this afternoon, hence I am just getting around to it!


I think you know how it goes by now 😊
I am joining in with Kate and her linkup of lovely writers – for five minutes of free writing yay!

This weeks prompt – haven

Ready, set, go

Do you have a safe haven?
I place you can retreat to and (almost) forget the world for a moment?

It doesn’t have to be a place.
It can be a book
Or a memory
Or a hobby

Just something or somewhere for you that makes you feel safe and comfortable.

I have some.

One place I like to retreat is here –


Behind my camera I can escape and free.
Free from my inner pain and turmoil.
My safe haven.

Point and click. Joy 😊




You can see so much clearer the beauty of the world, when you don’t have the weight of the world on your shoulders

Taking a few moments away from the everyday to bury myself in my safe haven has done a lot for my happiness.

Without it who knows where I would be.
Would I be able to capture beauty as easily with my naked eye?

Perhaps, in a memory.

But being able to look back on it each day brings me happiness.
Brings me joy.
I am truly blessed to be able to have a haven to go to in times of sadness or distress.

But I am going to repeat my first question.

Do you have a safe haven?

I hope you do 😊
Because sometimes we all need that little place to escape to.




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