FMF – Rest

Hello from the other side

Sorry, I just read an article about Adele’s Glastonbury performance πŸ˜‚

How is your weekend so far?
It’s nearly time to begin a new week of school…scary though is that in about 3 weeks the schools break up for the summer..yikes!
I am fairly certain I am not at all prepared for the joy that is the 6 week holidays πŸ˜’ in fact I know I am not!

But hey-ho each week is bringing us closer to our there are plus sides to everything, right?!

Alrighty, time for this weeks five minute Friday.


Excuse my tardiness, you know how it just gets in the way 😊

You know how it goes, we take time out each week to free write on a given prompt for five spell checks or erasing 😬

And as usual I am joining in with kate and her link up of lovely writers.

This weeks prompt – rest

Ready, set, go

My name is Charlotte, and I don’t rest.

I just keep going.

Sometimes not resting puts me in an awful mood.

So you would think that would motivate me into resting right?!

I push myself.
I put pressure on myself.

I figure that I need to get everything done..right away when it needs doing and I just end up in a never ending loop of chores and cooking.

By which point it’s 8pm and I haven’t relaxed or had dinner.
Even when the kids are sleeping rest seems to evade me in some way.

Mostly I just don’t seem to realise just how important rest is to my health.
Not just physically but mentally.


Rest is so good.
It’s good for your brain.
It’s good for your heart.
It’s good for your soul.

I can’t help but wonder how much less stressed I would be if I allowed myself the time to rest.

Do you stop to rest?
Do you allow yourself just to switch off from the world for a few minutes?

Even ask write this am not resting.
I am picking up toys and sorting out homework.

There is a saying that goes “there is no rest for the wicked”

If that is true I must be really wicked! πŸ˜‰




One thought on “FMF – Rest

  1. Ha! I do think rest is a discipline. However much we know we need it, it’s somehow easier to skip rest, isn’t it? As long as I’m not resting, I can pretend that I am in control — but when I rest, I realize I’m not.

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