Body shaming = bullying pt2

Hey guys.

About 6 months ago I wrote a post called “body shaming = bullying” (find it here)

Today I had a sudden urge to write more on the subject.

So a week or so back now and article popped up in my news app, about a model body shaming a woman.

For those who didn’t see the article or hear about what happened – essentially a playboy model named Dani Mathers took a photo of a woman showering at the gym and posted it onto social media. (read the article here)

She did not have permission to take any photos – let alone post them for the world to see.
What she did is illegal.

The picture caused a huge backlash, numerous comments and in the end she lost her job and has been banned from LA fitness gyms.

Not only was what she did illegal – her behaviour was disgusting, shameful and bullying.


She released a statement – saying that the picture was meant to be a private message.

Yea that still isn’t OK.

Because you were still body shaming this woman – irrelevant of whether or not it was meant as a private message.

I also feel that she is only making a public apology due to the fact that there was a massive backlash on the picture.

Taking a photo of someone who is in a vulnerable situation and also isn’t even aware of said photo is 1000% wrong.

Several people made comments on how if the woman was showering at the gym, she wasn’t in a private place!

Hold on what?!

I don’t like to work out at the gym – because I feel self conscious.
I feel like I am being judged by others.
Often I have questioned whether or not I am just being a bit dramatic – I now realise I am not being dramatic.

Granted not everyone is going to take a photo of me naked and post it on the internet..but you understand where I am coming from.

Judging happens everywhere we go.
Apparently people think it is OK to body shame others.

I believe that no 1 body is superior to another.


Am I wrong in this thinking?

I don’t think I am.

And I know I am not the only woman out there who disagrees with this.

But it seems to me that bullying and body shaming are now considered to be OK.
That it’s alright to give your opinion on how someone looks or dresses.
That underhanded comments about someone’s weight is considered helpful advice.
Because apparently everyone today is an expert in most things and gives an opinion whether you want it or not.

Irrespective of a person’s feelings, emotions or even mental state.
Because people have no problem pouring negative thoughts onto someone – negative thoughts often turn in eating disorders.

I am not here to shame Dani Mathers.
I believe she has made her bed and must now lie in it.
I believe she is sorry for her actions.
Nothing I say will change the situation of change what she did.


However I want what she has done to be a not so much a wake up call but a reminder post it for those who think body shaming is a joke.

For those who laugh at curvier (I don’t like that word but I am trying to get a point across!) women in bikinis at the beach

For those who ask a new mum when she will lose the baby weight.

For anyone really who sees it as there “duty” to question, judge or shame a person for how they look.

Get a pen. Grab a post it. And write this down.

Bullying is wrong.
Body shaming is wrong.
Don’t be the one who breaks a heart.
Be the one who heals a soul.

Be the beauty that you are.
Don’t be afraid to be you.

Don’t let bullies or body shamers tell you how or who to be.

Trust me, you are beautiful.
All bodies are beautiful.
Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


FMF – create

Hey guys.

Before I get started, I wanted to say something.

So the world woke up this morning to another tragedy.
Another senseless loss of life.
More families of loved ones suffering unspeakable pain and heartache.
Children and adults murdered – and for what?

I watch the news and I am aghast, heartbroken and also angry.
Each time something like this happens, my heart breaks more.

I struggle to understand why anyone would want to hurt people – let alone killing them!

My heart, my thoughts and my prayers are with the people of France.


I hate to go from such a sombre subject onto doing five minute friday.

But that is what I will be doing.

I love five minute Friday, I do.
But when your heart hurts it is often difficult to focus.

Here goes nothing.


Joining in with kate and her linkup

This weeks prompt is – create

Ready, set, go

I consider myself a creative person.
I like to be creative.
I love to use my imagination.
I like to create pretty things, things that make my heart happy.

I will like to use this opportunity to share the ways I enjoy being creative with you 😊

I like to crochet.
I enjoy photography.
I have just taken up knitting.
And hubby just got me a sewing machine!

It’s safe to say I like to put my creativity into many outlets.


These are a few of my favourite photos.
I got into photography about 2 and half years ago – some have said I have a natural eye for it – but who knows!
I am not one to toot my own horn! (Apparently there is no horn emoji..who knew!)


Using creativity has helped me to deal with my anxiety and depression.
Photography helped me to push through my PND and come out through the other side.

I am a firm believer in creativity being a healer.
It’s my medicine.


I create in order to maintain happiness.
Creating makes my heart glad?

What makes your heart glad?
What do you enjoy creating?

Today let’s create happiness in each other.
The world needs it.


FMF – build


It’s time for five minute friday.

For those of you who don’t know – five minute friday is where we take five minutes out of our day to write on a given prompt – free writing y’all 😊


I am just going to jump right in to it – no dawdling for me today 😊

This weeks prompt – build

Ready, set, go

A lot has happened this last few weeks.
The people of the world are broken.

There are walls and barriers being put between the people of the world.

Hatred and pain is being built.

Two words that fill my heart with such sadness.

The walls of hatred need to be broken.

We need to build people up with kindness and love.

The way for people to live together in unity is to build bridges of friendship.

I understand my words may seem to some as naive.
Perhaps that is true.

But I can’t bear to see fighting and suffering and pain.

I feel as though the world is falling apart.
Sinking below the surface.

We need to build bridges between one another, instead we are tearing one another apart.

Tearing one another down, instead of building one another up.

I don’t want my children to grow up thinking that racism in any shape or form is OK.

I don’t want them to be watching the news and see the suffering of others – the senseless, heartbreaking suffering.


Together we are stronger
Together we are friendship
Together we are brave
Together we are courageous
Together we are together

Together we are family
Together we are unity
Together we are love

Build bridges don’t destroy them
Build pillars of love


Tuesday at ten – a little about me

Well hello there!

Please excuse my absence 😊 I have had a few poorly days, in fact I still don’t have much of a voice 😢

However, I have a bit more energy and less poorly brain today…so here goes nothing!

It’s been a while now since I have taken part in Tuesday at ten, I found struggling a little with writing and I didn’t want to do it half heartedly.

So I am back!!

And I plan to dive right back in to it.


So I will be joining in with karen beth and her linkup.
This week we have been given the task of telling a little bit about ourselves.
This should be fun 😊

Let’s start from the top.

*waves* hi my name is charlotte
I am a 30 year old married, stay at home mum of 3 – Bella (6) Ariana (3) and James (2)


I live in Wales and have done since 1990…yikes that sounds like an age away! Did you know the 90’s is now considered a vintage era!?

That’s another thing about me..I waffle and not the good delicious kind either. (Tried to find a waffle emoji…there isn’t one! )

See what I mean 😂

Moving on…

Facts about me –

• I can speak welsh. “Fy enw i yw Charlotte. Rydw I yn byw yn penuwch” alright I was trying to be smart…but for all you know I have just made all that up 😂

• my favourite colour is red. Which probably explains why I dye my red hair redder!

• I am an introvert – more specifically ISFJ on the Myers Briggs typology (I have written post about it here and here)

• I am a dedicated Jehovah’s witness.

• I have a memory for useless trivia, mostly movie trivia…then I like just whip it out randomly and try to appear smart 😂

Ways to win me over –

• sarcasm
• love of reading/books
• vanilla scented candles
• sunflowers
• wear converse ❤
• play guitar(or just have Ed Sheeran in your home)
• love of movies

Favourite movies – (some)

• Some like it hot
• Forrest Gump
• Lord of the rings
• Pans labyrinth
• The Help

Favourite Books –

• The Help
• The diary of Anne Frank
• Jane Eyre
• Little Women
• The Hobbit

Let’s see what else?

Oh yes I enjoy photography 📷 I am a bit of a canon addict!
Mostly I enjoy taking photos of landscape, flowers and the kids 😊
Just a few examples..


And that’s just a little about me 😊

I wanted to keep it a little upbeat today.
There is alot more to know about me, but I wanted to keep it light 😊

Have a great day, and if you are in America enjoy the 4th of July.