Tuesday at ten – a little about me

Well hello there!

Please excuse my absence 😊 I have had a few poorly days, in fact I still don’t have much of a voice 😢

However, I have a bit more energy and less poorly brain today…so here goes nothing!

It’s been a while now since I have taken part in Tuesday at ten, I found struggling a little with writing and I didn’t want to do it half heartedly.

So I am back!!

And I plan to dive right back in to it.


So I will be joining in with karen beth and her linkup.
This week we have been given the task of telling a little bit about ourselves.
This should be fun 😊

Let’s start from the top.

*waves* hi my name is charlotte
I am a 30 year old married, stay at home mum of 3 – Bella (6) Ariana (3) and James (2)


I live in Wales and have done since 1990…yikes that sounds like an age away! Did you know the 90’s is now considered a vintage era!?

That’s another thing about me..I waffle and not the good delicious kind either. (Tried to find a waffle emoji…there isn’t one! )

See what I mean 😂

Moving on…

Facts about me –

• I can speak welsh. “Fy enw i yw Charlotte. Rydw I yn byw yn penuwch” alright I was trying to be smart…but for all you know I have just made all that up 😂

• my favourite colour is red. Which probably explains why I dye my red hair redder!

• I am an introvert – more specifically ISFJ on the Myers Briggs typology (I have written post about it here and here)

• I am a dedicated Jehovah’s witness.

• I have a memory for useless trivia, mostly movie trivia…then I like just whip it out randomly and try to appear smart 😂

Ways to win me over –

• sarcasm
• love of reading/books
• vanilla scented candles
• sunflowers
• wear converse ❤
• play guitar(or just have Ed Sheeran in your home)
• love of movies

Favourite movies – (some)

• Some like it hot
• Forrest Gump
• Lord of the rings
• Pans labyrinth
• The Help

Favourite Books –

• The Help
• The diary of Anne Frank
• Jane Eyre
• Little Women
• The Hobbit

Let’s see what else?

Oh yes I enjoy photography 📷 I am a bit of a canon addict!
Mostly I enjoy taking photos of landscape, flowers and the kids 😊
Just a few examples..


And that’s just a little about me 😊

I wanted to keep it a little upbeat today.
There is alot more to know about me, but I wanted to keep it light 😊

Have a great day, and if you are in America enjoy the 4th of July.



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