FMF – build


It’s time for five minute friday.

For those of you who don’t know – five minute friday is where we take five minutes out of our day to write on a given prompt – free writing y’all 😊


I am just going to jump right in to it – no dawdling for me today 😊

This weeks prompt – build

Ready, set, go

A lot has happened this last few weeks.
The people of the world are broken.

There are walls and barriers being put between the people of the world.

Hatred and pain is being built.

Two words that fill my heart with such sadness.

The walls of hatred need to be broken.

We need to build people up with kindness and love.

The way for people to live together in unity is to build bridges of friendship.

I understand my words may seem to some as naive.
Perhaps that is true.

But I can’t bear to see fighting and suffering and pain.

I feel as though the world is falling apart.
Sinking below the surface.

We need to build bridges between one another, instead we are tearing one another apart.

Tearing one another down, instead of building one another up.

I don’t want my children to grow up thinking that racism in any shape or form is OK.

I don’t want them to be watching the news and see the suffering of others – the senseless, heartbreaking suffering.


Together we are stronger
Together we are friendship
Together we are brave
Together we are courageous
Together we are together

Together we are family
Together we are unity
Together we are love

Build bridges don’t destroy them
Build pillars of love



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