FMF – create

Hey guys.

Before I get started, I wanted to say something.

So the world woke up this morning to another tragedy.
Another senseless loss of life.
More families of loved ones suffering unspeakable pain and heartache.
Children and adults murdered – and for what?

I watch the news and I am aghast, heartbroken and also angry.
Each time something like this happens, my heart breaks more.

I struggle to understand why anyone would want to hurt people – let alone killing them!

My heart, my thoughts and my prayers are with the people of France.


I hate to go from such a sombre subject onto doing five minute friday.

But that is what I will be doing.

I love five minute Friday, I do.
But when your heart hurts it is often difficult to focus.

Here goes nothing.


Joining in with kate and her linkup

This weeks prompt is – create

Ready, set, go

I consider myself a creative person.
I like to be creative.
I love to use my imagination.
I like to create pretty things, things that make my heart happy.

I will like to use this opportunity to share the ways I enjoy being creative with you 😊

I like to crochet.
I enjoy photography.
I have just taken up knitting.
And hubby just got me a sewing machine!

It’s safe to say I like to put my creativity into many outlets.


These are a few of my favourite photos.
I got into photography about 2 and half years ago – some have said I have a natural eye for it – but who knows!
I am not one to toot my own horn! (Apparently there is no horn emoji..who knew!)


Using creativity has helped me to deal with my anxiety and depression.
Photography helped me to push through my PND and come out through the other side.

I am a firm believer in creativity being a healer.
It’s my medicine.


I create in order to maintain happiness.
Creating makes my heart glad?

What makes your heart glad?
What do you enjoy creating?

Today let’s create happiness in each other.
The world needs it.



9 thoughts on “FMF – create

  1. Hey Charlotte,
    Visiting from fmf πŸ™‚

    I love your photography you showed in this post! You definitely have an eye and some serious patience for knitting , too! I think I’d get mad after awhile if I wasn’t doing it right. I love creating poetry and I just recently got into making graphics with quotes from brings so much happiness, especially when I get the idea for the perfect picture. I’m kinda afraid I may to go to a graphics anon class, lol! Because of how much I like it.

    Thank you for sharing your photos and what makes you happy/ letting me share mine ❀️

    Ps. My heart breaks with the news too and I don’t even watch it on tv..I just want to hug the people or hold their hand.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you Charlote for sharing your heart. I enjoy creating through writing, art, music, and cooking. All of these avenues of creativity make my heart happy. I am stopping by from FMF. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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