Body shaming = bullying pt2

Hey guys.

About 6 months ago I wrote a post called “body shaming = bullying” (find it here)

Today I had a sudden urge to write more on the subject.

So a week or so back now and article popped up in my news app, about a model body shaming a woman.

For those who didn’t see the article or hear about what happened – essentially a playboy model named Dani Mathers took a photo of a woman showering at the gym and posted it onto social media. (read the article here)

She did not have permission to take any photos – let alone post them for the world to see.
What she did is illegal.

The picture caused a huge backlash, numerous comments and in the end she lost her job and has been banned from LA fitness gyms.

Not only was what she did illegal – her behaviour was disgusting, shameful and bullying.


She released a statement – saying that the picture was meant to be a private message.

Yea that still isn’t OK.

Because you were still body shaming this woman – irrelevant of whether or not it was meant as a private message.

I also feel that she is only making a public apology due to the fact that there was a massive backlash on the picture.

Taking a photo of someone who is in a vulnerable situation and also isn’t even aware of said photo is 1000% wrong.

Several people made comments on how if the woman was showering at the gym, she wasn’t in a private place!

Hold on what?!

I don’t like to work out at the gym – because I feel self conscious.
I feel like I am being judged by others.
Often I have questioned whether or not I am just being a bit dramatic – I now realise I am not being dramatic.

Granted not everyone is going to take a photo of me naked and post it on the internet..but you understand where I am coming from.

Judging happens everywhere we go.
Apparently people think it is OK to body shame others.

I believe that no 1 body is superior to another.


Am I wrong in this thinking?

I don’t think I am.

And I know I am not the only woman out there who disagrees with this.

But it seems to me that bullying and body shaming are now considered to be OK.
That it’s alright to give your opinion on how someone looks or dresses.
That underhanded comments about someone’s weight is considered helpful advice.
Because apparently everyone today is an expert in most things and gives an opinion whether you want it or not.

Irrespective of a person’s feelings, emotions or even mental state.
Because people have no problem pouring negative thoughts onto someone – negative thoughts often turn in eating disorders.

I am not here to shame Dani Mathers.
I believe she has made her bed and must now lie in it.
I believe she is sorry for her actions.
Nothing I say will change the situation of change what she did.


However I want what she has done to be a not so much a wake up call but a reminder post it for those who think body shaming is a joke.

For those who laugh at curvier (I don’t like that word but I am trying to get a point across!) women in bikinis at the beach

For those who ask a new mum when she will lose the baby weight.

For anyone really who sees it as there “duty” to question, judge or shame a person for how they look.

Get a pen. Grab a post it. And write this down.

Bullying is wrong.
Body shaming is wrong.
Don’t be the one who breaks a heart.
Be the one who heals a soul.

Be the beauty that you are.
Don’t be afraid to be you.

Don’t let bullies or body shamers tell you how or who to be.

Trust me, you are beautiful.
All bodies are beautiful.
Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.



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