FMF – loyal

So it appears I spoke too soon.

Apparently chicken pox have ears and heard me processing my joy at Ariana not having them..because she does now 🙄

I tell you what almost 6 weeks of essentially being housebound is enough to drive a person crazy.

Not only that my back problem has reared its ugly, painful head again.
As we speak I have spent the best part of 2 hours crying and shuffling around my kitchen, it seems to have gotten worse quicker this time too!

And trust me when you have poorly kids that you can’t pick up, it really sucks.

I will be so glad when our holiday comes around next week!

Vive la France!! 🇫🇷

So expect a few blog posts from our travels, I am super excited (mostly about Disneyland!)

It has been 4 years since we have been on a full on family holiday – so here’s hoping its a good one!

Watch this space!!

Alright to the task at hand



As usual I am joining in with kate and her linkup of lovely writers, for five minutes of free writing 😊

This weeks word – loyal

Ready, set, go

I am a fiercely loyal person.

It has its upsides and its downsides for sure.

There have many times in my life where I have stuck up for people who wouldn’t do the same for me – even those who have treated me badly.

Inevitably though today you will find people that have been hurt by the words of another.
People are imperfect and it will happen.

Sometimes it is intentional, other times it isn’t.
But that doesn’t make it hurt any less right?

Words are powerful and have the ability to harm or heal.

I work my hardest to use kind words.
To be there for my friends.
To be a steadfast friend.

To me loyalty is an important aspect of not only friendships but in family too.

I think without loyalty between one another it’s hard to have trust you know?

But what is also important to me is loyalty to Jehovah.
Because without Jehovah I don’t believe I would be where I am today.

Jehovah shows us loyal love, so why can’t I do the same?
After all he has given us?

Let’s all to remain loyal and steadfast
Even though the world around us appears to spiral further into turmoil.

Remain loyal to our friends
Remain loyal to family
Remain loyal to Jehovah



FMF – Team

Good evening!

Happy Friday!

As you can probably guess there is no pox patient 3 just yet!
Wine all round 😊

Alright so it took about 17 days after Bella for James to get them…but as of right now Ariana is spot free huzzah!

Today we finally had a family day – we went to see finding dory in the cinema 🐟 and had a takeaway…first time in such a long time!
Sometimes it’s nice to not spend all my time in the kitchen you know?


Alrighty folks – it’s that time of the week again 😊
My favourite time.
As you know I am joining in with kate and her linkup of lovely bloggers ❤

This weeks prompt – Team

Ready, set, go!

There is a well known phrase we use in the uk –
There is no ‘i’ in team.

It’s very true there is no I in team, teams are meant to work together.

My husband and I are a team.
If I tell the children not to do something he doesn’t undermine me and vice versa.

We work together.

If we didn’t we wouldn’t really be a team right?


It doesn’t just apply to husbands and wives.

When I was struggling with my anxiety and post natal depression, I needed people.

I don’t mean health care professionals.

I needed people I could trust, people I could talk to.

Because if I didn’t I would have just stewed in my own pain.
Shut myself off from the world.


Instead I pulled myself up and dusted myself down and I opened up.

I talked, I shared, I spilled.
I wrote, I expressed, I tried to help others.

Without my team I might not have come through the other side.

We all need that shoulder to cry on or that comforting hug of reassurance.

If we remain alone who can offer us that comfort?

I have said many times before not to suffer in silence.
And it’s true, suffering alone can do more harm than good.

That is why we should reach out, speak out, share.

Get a team.
Don’t be alone.



FMF – Happy

Want to hear something hilarious?

My boy has the chicken pox!
And it sucks because he’s 2, and you can’t really stop him from scratching.
Currently he has socks taped to his hands (it sounds really mean, but he keeps taking them off and is scratching himself raw 😢)

It comes just in time for us going away for the weekend – guaranteed isn’t it!

Today has been the worst day for him, he has been really distressed and not wanting me to touch his spots 😔

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day 😊

Alright – well incase you didn’t notice… It’s Tuesday and I am just now getting round to writing my five minute friday post – ooops!

My apologies for my lateness – but sometimes life gets in the way.
I am getting terribly behind with my blogging.


Alright folks, I am going to get right to it.

As you know I am joining in with kate and her linkup of lovely writers – to spend five minutes free writing – without spell checking or deleting anything! Yikes!

This weeks word – Happy

I don’t know about you but this prompt made me think about that song by Pharrell Williams – you know the one 😉

Sorry if it’s stuck in your head now too 😂

But there is something about that song that just fills you with joy right?!
Granted it took me a while to actually like the song – I kind of thought it was over played you know.

Anyway I am getting off topic a tad.

What makes you happy?

There are many things that make me happy – that fill me with joy.


There have been moments where I gave up on being happy.
I figured I didn’t deserve happiness, so I gave up on it.

For a long time I just coasted along.
And it took me along time to allow myself to be happy.

But I got there, granted I have bad days but the happiness is there it just lurks occasionally.

But what makes me happy?

You’ve got your obvious ones –
My children
My husband

Then the not so obvious –
Vanilla scented candles
The smell of fresh cut grass
The feel of sand between my toes
The smell of a new book
Puppies (I mean come on!)

Sometimes it’s just about the little things –

Tell me what makes you happy?


FMF – hidden

Hey there!

Oh my word guys! This last week and a bit of school holiday have been ridiculous…Bella had the chicken pox!

She has been itchy and spotty and cranky 😢 – and I have been stressed, cranky and drinking wine 😂

So far the other 2 have been spot free…but I am on spot watch!
Fairly sure I am annoying my kids by constantly looking at them for spots 😂

Oh kids if only you knew..this is only the beginning to me being an annoying/embarrassing mum!

Not only did Bella have the chicken pox, she was also the carnival queens attendant – she was so lucky the pox were no longer contagious by then!!

It was a pretty good day. Although I got sunburned…on one arm! Yea I have this whole sunburn thing down 😂



It was pretty much the only sunny day all week!

Alright, let’s get down to business 😉
It’s time for five minute Friday.
That great part of the week where we get to free write – without editing or deleting anything 😮
That part is my worst nightmare! I am stickler for checking my spelling and grammar mistakes!



As usual I am joining in with kate and her linkup of talented bloggers.

This weeks prompt is – hidden

Ready, set, go

Would you say you put yourself out there?
When you meet people do you share your entire life story?
Are you an open book?

For me it is no to every question.

A part of me is always hidden.
I am the smiling face that hides pain.


I consider myself a closed book…no I am a padlocked book in a safe..buried in a place with no geographical landmarks.. OK I am babbling.
But you see what I am trying to say.

Most of what makes me who I am is hidden from view.
Not because I am ashamed if who I am.
But because I fear that people won’t like me.

Yes I am 30 years old and I still fear not being liked.
I am not proud of this fact.

But it is something I have always done.
Only those close to me, who I have known for years know pretty much everything about me.
They get the pleasure of my full personality ❤

OK I will tell a few things about me you may not know –

• I used to be a goth…and a fan of heavy/death metal.
• I literally like any type of music – excluding drum and bass!
• I am a massive fan of musical theatre.. I know all the lyrics to cats, grease, the sound of music, Les miserable and hairspray!
• when I first self harmed, I did it on my upper thigh and when someone saw it I blamed my dog for scratching me. Sorry max!

Guys I wear my heart on my sleeve – but I am predominantly a mask wearer.

Do you wear a mask?
Do you hide your pain from others – do you hide your suffering?

I have suffered in silence for many years.
I don’t like to put on others – you know?
I always say that people have there own troubles without me putting mine on them.

So I hide them.

Do you?