FMF – Team

Good evening!

Happy Friday!

As you can probably guess there is no pox patient 3 just yet!
Wine all round šŸ˜Š

Alright so it took about 17 days after Bella for James to get them…but as of right now Ariana is spot free huzzah!

Today we finally had a family day – we went to see finding dory in the cinema šŸŸ and had a takeaway…first time in such a long time!
Sometimes it’s nice to not spend all my time in the kitchen you know?


Alrighty folks – it’s that time of the week again šŸ˜Š
My favourite time.
As you know I am joining in with kate and her linkup of lovely bloggers ā¤

This weeks prompt – Team

Ready, set, go!

There is a well known phrase we use in the uk –
There is no ‘i’ in team.

It’s very true there is no I in team, teams are meant to work together.

My husband and I are a team.
If I tell the children not to do something he doesn’t undermine me and vice versa.

We work together.

If we didn’t we wouldn’t really be a team right?


It doesn’t just apply to husbands and wives.

When I was struggling with my anxiety and post natal depression, I needed people.

I don’t mean health care professionals.

I needed people I could trust, people I could talk to.

Because if I didn’t I would have just stewed in my own pain.
Shut myself off from the world.


Instead I pulled myself up and dusted myself down and I opened up.

I talked, I shared, I spilled.
I wrote, I expressed, I tried to help others.

Without my team I might not have come through the other side.

We all need that shoulder to cry on or that comforting hug of reassurance.

If we remain alone who can offer us that comfort?

I have said many times before not to suffer in silence.
And it’s true, suffering alone can do more harm than good.

That is why we should reach out, speak out, share.

Get a team.
Don’t be alone.




2 thoughts on “FMF – Team

  1. Love it! I was trying to come up with an acrostic, and my tired brain just couldn’t . What a great post, Charlotte! Glad to hear there are no more spots at your house and that you were able to get out and enjoy Finding Dory.


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