Blogtember 2016 β€’ goals

Hello from France!

Please excuse the lateness in my posting, yesterday was a blur of car journeys and 4am starts πŸ™„

But we finally arrived in France about 7am this morning..and it is glorious!
I mean I have seen countryside before..I mean I live in the countryside, but the French countryside is something else entirely.


Let’s talk September goals shall we!!

Alright I am going to be honest – I don’t think I have down a goal post since last years blogtember challenge!! 😌


But I am going to do my best to make one for you now πŸ‘

Ride the channel tunnel √ I did this one yesterday!

Visit a Gothic cathedral when in France and all that

Visit Disneyland Paris this is on the list while we are in France..obviously!

Learn French OK I am working on this one..turns out languages aren’t my thing!

Try macarons this is a must for me, when I go to a patisserie it’s on!

Visit the Eiffel tower

Visit the Louvre

Visit the love lock bridge

Visit chataeu pierrefonds this is apparently a must and has been recommended by many…we will be heading there today!

Alright that’s my goal list for right now!

What are your goals?



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