Blogtember 2016 • day 8 • my space

Hey guys!!

Please excuse my absence, we had a Disney day yesterday which wiped me out entirely!

I realise now I am getting old!

Not too old for Disney! Just too old to party all night 😉

So today we are sharing spaces.

My current space is in a French gite..I know right?!


Not too shabby, and not much work is being done here either 😉


In the middle of a quaint French village with little more than a grocery store, pharmacy and bakery…I mean what more could you ask for!

Most of the time is spent drinking wine and eating cheese!
Just wait until I fall back to reality!


I won’t show you inside because my kids love to bring mess everywhere they go!!

What does your space look like?

Ooh by the way I have crossed off some goals!
Try macarons ✔
Visit chateau pierrefonds ✔
Visit Disneyland Paris ✔




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