Blogtember 2016 • dream location ❤

Hey guys!

So I am currently blogging from a pretty great location right now, I definitely had fun looking for all the places I would love to visit.

I have quite a few dream locations on the old bucket list!
And it was really difficult to pick just one…so I made 3 collages 😂

I eventually landed on 1…I think!!

If I could go anywhere in the world where would it be? And why?


                            New Zealand! Hobbiton, clear blue water,
                            Beautiful, photographic scenery! Hello!

New Zealand has been on my list for a long time, not just because that’s where the lord of the rings was filmed..although it does help!

But I am drawn to the beauty of the scenery, the lushness of the grass and forests.
The beauty of the beaches…I mean they have a beach full of starfish!


What’s not to love?!

Blue skies, blue waters and sunshine..sold!

Oh and just for fun, here is my other choice of location…



Tell where would you go if you could?




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