Blogtember challenge – feeling moody

Hey guys!

So Paris was a blast yesterday!

Don’t worry I will post stuff on it soon, because I have some bucket list things to document 😉

But let me tell you as a Parisian novice so to speak, you need more than 1 day in the city.
We have decided to come back next year and take a weekend there, try to fit more in.

Anyway, back to the post at hand 😊

I have always had intentions of doing more posts boards, kind of like a monthly thing – but my brain is forgetful!

With my current location and the changing weather, my mood board has a decidedly French feel.


This last 2 weeks I have seen house after house with beautiful window shutters, which in the UK you don’t see much of – and I love them!

You would think a baguette a day would be enough to put a person off…but not me!

I got myself a box today to store my tea bags – so I foresee many nights of tea in my future…all I need is the amazing spoon!

What’s on your mood board?




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