Blogtember 2016 • a trip down memory lane

Today we came back to reality with a bump!

7am starts and school runs!

My son throwing up his breakfast all over my kitchen floor!

The joy!

Nothing quite like a good dose of reality to make your Monday 😂


Today’s challenge was to look back on old blog posts and picking some favourites.
I have written many posts over the years on a variety of subjects.
It’s been fun taking a trip down memory lane today.

Granted some of my favourites may not make for impressive or even joyful reading – but for me they were a joy to write 😊

And I enjoy to write about subjects that are important.

Righty – oh.

1. inspirational women – lisa lynch
I have written many posts on women I find to be inspirational. Lisa’s story moved me to tears.

2. body shaming = bullying
I am completely against body shaming in any shape or form. And when I was body shamed, I snapped!

3. inspirational women – body positive campaigns
I enjoyed researching this post!

4. I am not a feminist but…
Once again something I watched triggered me to write about an important subject.

5. dear self harmer
This is an important subject for me. It took so much for me to actually open up on this subject, so it was cathartic.


It was hard to choose favourites out of so many blog posts.
And I look forward to being able to write more.

I look forward to seeing your favourite posts ❤



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