Blogtember challenge – an important message


Happy hump day and all that šŸ˜‰

I am struggling with the idea that is already the middle of September –  before I know it the end of the year will be upon us! (Sorry!)

So I have done my fair share of stupid things – this morning was no exception to that.

I thought I would let Ariana try her school uniform on – bear in mind she doesn’t start school until April.


She looked adorable!
But it made me emotional!
Then she wouldn’t take it off!

I realised I am not ready for her to leave me šŸ˜”

Sad moment gone…for now.


Alright, so I am playing a bit of catch up – and doing yesterday’s post.

– something you wish more people knew or believed

I wish more people understood that depression and anxiety is an illness.
That it’s not just a tiny sad feeling you can shove aside or just cheer up from.
More people than you realise suffer from it.
It is debilitating.


This is my constant feeling.
Does this sound like something that is easy to cope with?

Do you think you could easily brush this feeling aside?

Because let me tell you something – no matter how hard you try the feeling doesn’t ever fully go away.

You can put in the mask of happiness or the “I am OK” smile to fool those around – I do this.
But sometimes this can make matters worse.

It makes people think that your illness is not really there.

But I want people to understand that my depression and anxiety is not as simple as being happy or sad


I wish it were that simple.

I remember when I was in the grasp of PND my mum said to me “what do you have to be sad about?”
Because she didn’t understand that how I felt wasn’t about sad feelings but it was something I had suffered from for years.

Which is the point I guess.
Sometimes we don’t know what those around us are going through.

Because we get adept at hiding our inside.

We mustn’t be so quick to judge what we don’t understand.

And I wish people understood that.



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