Blogtember challenge – Pierrefonds a review

Hey guys.

So it has been a week now back in this place called reality πŸ™„
And all the kids have colds!
Hubby has a cold (lookout!) and autumn has literally come flying in out of nowhere seemingly.

Today has been a hideous blur of homework and PVA glue.

So it’s been nice to look back and reflect on our holiday – because I decided that my review for today would be a place.


So I am taking it back to the first place we visited in France.
A beautiful little town and chateau called pierrefonds.


The place itself was really quaint.
With cobbled streets – which I adore!
Shutters on every window – love!

And to make it even better in the centre of the square was an eating area where you could sit and watch the world go by.


I love that!
Just sit at a table with coffee and macarons and people watch 😊

Plus I really liked how every town has a bakery in it – it couldn’t be more French if it tried!


The chateau was glorious.


I love how buildings like this were built without the machinery we have today.
That you have to crane your neck just to see the top of the towers.


That the doors were built big enough to fit Goliath in – because who doesn’t need a giant door right?!


The views are spectacular and pretty.
I could live there 😊


And the rooms…aww man the rooms!
This was the entrance to the living room – because we all need an entrance like this!
Imagine inviting people into your home – and be like welcome to my humble abode πŸ˜‚

Look at the size of my kids in comparison to the doorway – you could fit a horse through it!


If you ever visit France may I suggest the region of Picardy.
It’s beautiful and scenic.

And it is full of houses like this one.
Sorry chΓ’teau!!

Look forward to seeing what you all have reviewed 😊



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