Blogtember challenge – my year, so far

This year has been an interesting one for sure.
We started out the year as normal..then we managed to book ourselves a holiday, which I never saw coming.

The year has flown by at a scary speed.
I mean it’s already (almost) October!

2017 looms…haha! Sorry!

So today I am going to share with you 5 pictures that sum up my year so far 😊


One – started off the year with several bouts of snow.
And when it snows here, you are stuck for a while!
You need to be cupboard prepared for certain…things like wine and crisps 😂
Got to admit this is one of my favourite shots of the year.


Two – my little Ariana got glasses.
It took me 2 years to notice that she had a problem with her eyes, and I feel incredibly guilty because of it, I feel like I failed my baby.
I know it isn’t my fault that she has bad eyes, but feel like I should have noticed sooner. This year she got her first pair of glasses, all the way home she pointing everything out to me with such excitement. It was amazing.


Three – bluebells.
This one’s easy. Every year I plan to go and see the seas of bluebells in the woods and every year I miss them!
This year I finally made it. Bluebells are one of my favourite flowers ❤


Four – a selfie.
It’s no secret I don’t like pictures of myself. When I take one I rarely look at the camera, I don’t know why I just really don’t like to look at the camera. In fact I much prefer to be behind the lens. I feel my lack of confidence in myself shows in my eyes and in my face.
Anyway, this one I dislike least 😉


Five – last but definitely not least. Paris.
As you may know we took a little trip to France this month.
I am officially in love with France. Being a big lover of bread and cheese helps 😊 but oh man France now has a place in my heart along with California ❤

How does your year look so far?



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