FMF – test

Hey guys.

Sorry for my absence.

The last few weeks have been a blue if I am honest, and I have neglected the favourite part of my week – and for that I am sorry.

So I am back baby!

First off I will give a quick rundown of my week.

Started off pretty good. Then had to take Ariana to the doctor because (excuse the tmi) she won’t poop!

Then we got told about the school doing an international day – in the interest of spending no money I made it myself 😊 

I hope you can tell she is a Roman 😉

I am really pleased with how it turned out! Not bad for stuff I found around the house 😊

Then today…oh today! But I will get to that shortly.
So now it’s Friday and I am back to FMF.

Joining in with kate and her weekly linkup of writers.

This week’s prompt – test
Ready, set, go
Oh man I have had my fair share of tests.

I think we all have am I right?!

Today for example should have been an average Friday – send Bella off to school and go food shopping..easy right?!


I ended up having to race Ariana back to the doctors as I worried that she was having a bad reaction to her medicine.

On coming back my sister offered to look after Ariana so I could go shopping.

Great right?!

About an hour in to my shop I got a message saying she had projectile vomited everywhere..Joy!

Panic ensued my end – phone calls back to the doctor who determined she has a bladder infection – hello antibiotics! Which meant having to swing by the doctors and pharmacy before heading home.

That was today’s test.

I think sometimes motherhood has its daily challenges – am I right?

There is no such thing as a simply day 😊

This kind of thing I always struggle with – mainky because of my fear of vomit!

But it raises my stress level immensely.

I realise there are so many people around the world that are enduring trials and tests right now – mine may be considered trivial in comparison.

But my heart and prayers is always with them.

Though we may endure trials daily – we must remember Jehovah and Jesus are always with us.

One thought on “FMF – test

  1. Hello from your neighbor at FMF! My three children are all in their early twenties now, but I do remember those days. Hang in there! It gets easier (well…except maybe the teenage years – but that too does pass). Hope your daughter is feeling better!


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