FMF – Connect

Its back.

The first five minute friday of 2017! This year I hope to do all of them.

Self care is my thing this year, taking time out do things I enjoy. And I enjoy blogging, writing down my thoughts, reading others…Etc..Etc..

So in the spirit of sticking to my word, here is my (albiet late) five minute friday post.

As usual I am joining in with kate and her linkup of lovely bloggers.

Taking 5 minutes out of our busy schedules to write on a given topic – no deleting, no editing..Eek!

This week’s prompt – connect

Ready, set, go.
We all want to connect with someone. It’s human nature.

As babies we connect with our parents. 

As children we try to connect with other children, to make friends.

As teenagers we try to connect with different peer groups, trying to fit in. To belong.

As adults, I think the same thing applies. It’s surprising how the work place is very much like high school.

But on some level we all want to connect.

Because let me tell you something being lonely sucks, it really sucks.

I told my mum something the other day about how hard it was for me in high school.

How I had a group of friends – 3 or 4. Most days they would be my friend, talk with me, sit with me in class etc.

But other days I would go to school only to find this was no long the case. Today they hated me. Today they would ignore me, blank me, point and laugh at me, openly mock me in class. Basically treat me like garbage.

All I ever wanted was a proper friend. Not one that treated me badly. Yet I let it happen over and over again.

Yet even though this is how people have treated me – I still long to connect.

Because when we connect with those who make us feel good, it builds us up.

Making us feel more worthy of friendship, of kindness.

Everybody deserves kindness. Deserves they can connect with, and talk to.

How do you feel when you connect with others?

Just one connection makes a difference.


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