Ok now i am mad!

As you can tell from the post title something i have seen today has made me cross.

Just scrolling along through my Facebook feed, as you do.

And i came across an article – about a website that sells baby high heels.

view here
Now don’t get me wrong I am all for letting little girls wear adorable things, nothing wrong with it. 

But there is a line.

And i believe that baby high heels, bras for kids too young to wear them, and bikinis for young kids are over that line. 

In fact they market high heels for girls Bella’s age and i still think she is too young for them.

We are forced the idea that women have to look and dress a certain way as it is.

And i will be darned if i start my kids down a path that involves trying to be a carbon copy of others.

So don’t get me wrong I am all for things that are adorable.

But these shoes are just wrong.

Although i wouldn’t be surprised if reality TV families brought into the idea.

I felt like i wanted to write something on this matter because we are always fed the idea that beauty and style is more important than being who you are.

But i believe different.

I wouldn’t want my girls to look back at pictures of themselves and not see a change. To see them in high heels right from the get go.

We need our kids to be kids.

They grow up too fast as it is.

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