Hey there!

I am Charlotte. I am 29 years old

In 2005 I met a man, he stole my heart πŸ’– a year later he asked for my hand πŸ’ a year later we married ☺

In 2010 we welcomed our baby girl Bella…now 4, in 2013 we welcomed our next baby girl Ariana..now 2 and in 2014 we welcomed our son James☺

I am a stay at home mama, with a penchant for photography..camera literally surgically attached to my hand.

I am a British lady with some Irish roots – gotta love the Irish!

I am a dedicated Jehovah’s witness since 2009.

I live in the rolling hills and green fields of Wales, so i guess you could consider me a country girl…but my heart lies across the ocean..in a little place called San Clemente, California.. Oh how I yearn 😊

I am a natural redhead, but I dye it redder all the time…the redder the better I say…as the saying goes ‘only 2% of the population has red hair..so I am basically a majestic unicorn!’

I have a sprinkling of freckles…which if you ask me should join together and make an enormous tan in summer 😊which they don’t much to my annoyance… Hubby gets all bronzed I get all lobstery πŸ˜’

I have a sarcastic wit and a memory for useless trivia..I would say ask me anything…but let’s not try that πŸ˜‚ and apparently I have slight comedic factors…well my kids laugh at me lol!

I am slightly obsessed with pinterest…and instagram!Yes I am one of those women who tries out Pinterest ideas – most of them fail mind you but I can fill my imagination up a treat! I think I have about 60 boards…oops!

I have struggled in my childhood years with anorexia and my teen/adult years with depression, anxiety and self harm. I struggle with my inner turmoil each day, but it is a journey that I am on and I am proud of where I am now.

I dedicate most of my blog to helping others understand the importance of self love, body acceptance and anti bullying. How kindness to others and yourself is so important.

This is only part of my story and my journey.

I still I have a way to walk yet.

And that’s just a little bit about me…yes I started a sentence with and..clearly I am a rebel! πŸ˜‰


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